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Installing nukeSEO
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1 - Requirements
2 - Load extracted files
3 - Set permissions
4 - Set the Sitemap configuration
5 - Activate the Sitemap module

1 - Requirements
Since the administration for nukeSEO is at the site level, rather than in the Sitemap module, nukeSEO can be used with most versions of PHP-Nuke. However, it requires the definition of the ADMIN_FILE and MODULE_FILE variables introduced in the patched 2.9 release from

If you're using an older version of PHP-Nuke or don't have the patched files, you can add a line to your admin.php, index.php and modules.php files to use nukeSEO. In admin.php, just after the initial <?PHP add:

define('ADMIN_FILE', true);

In modules.php and index.php, just after the initial <?PHP add:

define('MODULE_FILE', true);

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