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Site Map:


Site upgrade

nukespam does not seem to be writing a log

Blocking spammers using Gmail period addresses

rn 2.51 issue


Pay to install or Fix FCKeditor

Ckeditor/elfinder Unable to connect to backend.

RavenCMS Forum Mods

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

Bug while passing errormsg

Google sitemap error.

Mouse Hover Topic BoxOver and RavenNuke

Parse Error

Installing nukeSEO(dh) how to?

Alow user to upload image


Adding a new flyout category

Clarification about data

block control

Searching for complete words

nukeWYSIWYG 3.6.3

creation date of the news in the newsfeed

Block Slider News ?

Understanding nukeSEO DH storage techniques

nukeFEED Aggregator Icons

Can nukeSPAM™ and CA Honeypot both be used?

nukeSPAM™ update

Guardian -

Montego - HTML Newsletter, TegoNuke Downloads & more

PNT-nuke(obnuke) published

nukeWYSIWYG (tm) intergrate in to NSN center 4blocks

nukeSEO(dh) extending

Sitemap no longer valid?

nukeSEO(dh) improvements

i want this menu

How to change phpnuke tags

The many uses of nukeDH


nukeSPAM(tm) and Site Guardian

Move Dynamic Titles to NukeSEO

Combination of Blocks and Modules Admin

edit block pop up modal window

Getting user registrations but there not logging in?

font-face css trick

add nofollow and target _blank trough a filter function

Ravennuke 2.40.01 help

renaming module

How to include the web link module

Facebook like box


Nuke Nav Block

nukeSEO Social Bookmark, twitter and facebook

nukePIE 1 1 1 error

Ways to make your blog more popular


XML error

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

make internet explorer more compliant and upto date?

admin tabs

search engine optimization

source view tweak

NukeSEO Social Bookmarks in Aser's Shop Module?


How do I change my email address on this site?

Dynamic titles for html pages

Changing nukeSEO into A Module For Regular Admins!

nukeDH module prefix and suffix

How Can I add Extra Link in NukeNAV

nukeNAV conflicts

Install nukeSEO In RN 2.40.01???

Need a Help With News Feeds.

way to gain more SEO clients?

some useful SEO Facts.

SEO Tips for Beginners

Blogger module Error


Forum Feeds not working

Syntax error...


what is organic SEO

What is Google Shadow ?

SEO Industry Cries as Google Offering SEO Services

nukeseo DH

Should this work with Nuke Evo

Merry Christmas Kguske!

Meta info showing up twice

Centering Nukenav

new install maybe

nukeSEO (dh) meta robots

latin 1 TO UTF-8 ?

Social Bookmarking

Automatically post to Twitter?

Social Bookmarking via nukeNAV ??

Capitalize the dh Title?

Error: end tag for "ul" which is not finished

NSNGD support for nukeSEO(tm) DH?

Need some way to make additional/new admin tools show up

Can nukeSEO(tm) DH also handle rel="canonical"?

KGen Addon for Firefox

Discovering Magic - Ident Engine JavaScript library

Moving forward from Dynamic Titles

block does not appear when i've entered in the feed url

Suggestions for common words


FCKeditor and image paths

Feed doesn't work correctly

blank page

Can't edit Feeds


Forum Feed prob

Install issue

Problem with a few different word

Problem With Image Uploads

NukeNAV So Cool!

More sitemaps

[SOLVED]nukePie cant get to work with ravennuke



Changing this code

from tnymice to nuke wysiwig

Moved over to NSN GR DOWNLOADS

again sitemap and Google


non clickable links in admin area

phpbb post limit


Easy way to use Boxover with links and images in editor...

Google Director Page Rank

Custom RSS Feed Url, $topic, Any Ideas?

Problem with Color being stripped out

Optimizing java and css

Error on new install

wysiwyg added to ravennuke downloads

Great Article on SEO Comparison Tools

nukeNAV(tm) prototype feedback

utf-8 issue with intl. chars in title



NukeSEO & Sitemap.xml?

Lightbox support for Editor

Downloads.php for NSN_GR Downloads


problem forums

header search

hack or mods Indexed URL's by Google quickly

New Dynamic HEAD Tags Feedback

Bug google search results

Remove Please

Static HTML to RavenNuke

nukeFEED question

Your news mod for link to article.

Download passcode

Indexed URL's by Google

Doesn't see Forum

cant upload or browse images in fcked

HELP ; new website owner is mystified!

FCKeditor not embed .mid

FCK 260

Sitemap Unsupported after RNv2.3.0 upgrade.



Your modules are great

First 3 ALT image attributes

love nukeseo but frustrated with google submission errors

Problem with google sitemap xml

nukeFeed Update

Feeds and duplicate content

Huge sitemap - gzip maybe?

Sitemap help needed

I want hack nukeseo

Worthless directories - Follow me

Sitemap content

Sitemap validation

AddOn Problem: Mouse hover boxover

No Sitemap to be found...


Sitemap problem

NukeSEO Social Bookmarking Problems

Custom Feed?

installing in phpnuke 7.6

content class not found

Error with utf-8

Heavy Problems on getting Feeds

Number of lines of content returned

PHPNuke feed reader MODULE

Google Not Crawling Site

Ravennuke 2.20.01 and Social Bookmarking

NSN News

nukeWYSIWYG 2.6

Feed per forum/category possible?

Nuke Docs v1 beta for RavenNuke - nukeSEO addons

Something like a toplist

Similar Topics Mod

Extra Content ?

Fatal error!!?

Sections in nukeSEO

weblinks view website

Outstanding software, but where are my aggregators?

ERROR - Expected whitespace after public id

block display

shut off nukepie

Dynamic Forum Titles

Errors with Social Bookmarking links

Parsing Error

Search box in article.php

SB: article block on RavenNuke

one question

problem in blocks

Social Bookmarking - Index Page Links missing Article ID Num

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type xmlrpcresp as array

Flash in nukeWYSIWYG

WYSIWYG on unpatched 7.9

How to make subject to show in url.html?

Nuke Reviews

Google cant crawl my phpnuke protected modules

web design value

not well-formed | shortlinks

Top Web Development Companies

Tips and Guidelines for Search Engine Optimization!!!

Help w/Blocks Urgetnly Needed

Errores con SiteMap

Gallery website

D'load Module error in sitemap

sitemap my_egallery content for download everyone

issue with renamed admin.php - Bob Marion

How to contribute to improving PHP-Nuke / RavenNuke

nukeWYSIWYG 2.3.2 & PhpNuke 6.8

nukepie hover over text

help needed installing i have an error

Make use of <pubDate>?

Problems download nukeSEO Social Bookmarking for PHPNuke

Problems with feeds

nukeFEED and International Special Characters

Fatal error

mSearch and the HTML Newsletter


nukePIE Beta test

nukepie use

Weird character formatting HTML option

Tester for nukePIE

Custom Head question

Dear Santa

Raven Nuke

Parsing Error: xml declaration

How can I make content subtitle listed in the sitemap?

Using a manually cretaed external feed

Videos and music

How to decompress the nukefeed files?

Sitemap information

Block titles


error message on name=Sitemap&op=Google

FCK Editor dont work

My pagerank went from 3 to 0 today

Forums give error

One thing that I think would increase page relevance...

Remove links to newsauthors

What do I do with extras?

Keyword Researching tool

allow flash on phpnuke 8.x

WYSIWYG 2.3.2 & Phpnuke (resecured Nukescript)

How can Install nukeWYSIWYG for Phpnuke 8.x

Wordpress block

Reverted titles

Blog module for PHPNuke

i want to remove my account

installing seo on 8.1

BiG Problem

Some returns of use with 1.1

FCKeditor and image directory

Some returns of use

msearch results page numbering

Problem with fckeditor in WL-Nuke_1.0 and RavenNuke_v2.10.01

To add a file with pages HTML

Meta Edit

UTF-8 Compatible?

Additional content types for Kalender?

php 5 configuration and WYSIWYG

Forwarding Domains ?

Does nukeseo improve...

Install nukeWYSIWYG on phpnuke 7.7 with patch3.3


Work with feeds and Rss

social bookmarks

Installed, no answers.......

social bookmarks

NukeWYSIWYG 2.4.2 planned?

Comments and suggestions for nukeFEED

adding nofollow to links automatically

Problem submitting sitemap

Free Quality Link submission directory lists!

NukeSEO Social Bookmarks

Mouse Hover Mod - wont show posted images



nukeWYSIWYG + phpnuke7.9patch3.1 (Story Preview Disappears)

PHPNukeAdmin toolbar size!

Google News Site Map

problem adding sitemap to google webmaster tools

changes to keywords - error in header

PHPnuke 7.3 and nukeWYSIWYG-editor

Add custom module to sitemap (little different guestion)

Advertising module

help please

American Flag

DaDaNuke Releases PHP-Nuke Basic

sitemap - download link errors

Prevent mapping of thousands of forum posts

problems installing on phpNuke Platinum 7.6.b.4v2


build, then display

nukeWYSIWYG and phpnuke 7.9 Patched

Can't download Mouse Hover

Problem with Nuke 7.6 patched 3.2

RavenNuke and nukeWYSIWYG 2.3.2

social blookmarks


Block Faq

WYSIWYG and PHP-Nuke 8.0

right mouse button not working

Searching for NukeSEO Downloads...

Move over inktomi, here comes greedy, greedy Google

Sitemap Error - Unsupported Format

Adding new Modules

An Enhancement idea for the WYSIWYG

SEO and msearch for 8.0

No keywords showing in admin.

Next version of nukeSEO

nukeWYSIWYG + phpnuke

sitemap rejected

Illegal Block File Access

problem installing mouse hover mod

Cannot modify key words

Please Help with Installation

Error in sitemap changefreq

I need urgent help please

Nuke SEO bookmark and NSN News 2

Headlines Administration 0.81 BETA Released

A Slight Introduction

Incorrect SQL - reserved word "use"?

Adding WYSIWYG to EDL 2.1

A success story

Spell Checker

Value shift and indent problem

is this correct?

Sitemap configuration table?

nukeSEO to GT-Nextgen

Catalan & Spanish files for nukeSEO

When I edit text it adds ;; for spaces

How can i confirm that google is using sitemap?

Module content object

Erro in google sitemap

Revenge of the Subdomain

Problem with links in blocks for 8.0 installation

SiteMap Module Permission Setting

SE links all come back as

Cool Social Bookmarks

Adding content types to mSearch

nukeSEO Social Bookmarking for PHPNuke

Results (Saturation, Link Popularity, Keyword Ranking) Error

Error in Google Sitemap

Problem installing WYSIWYG

Error in sitemap for Google!

NSN News

Does nukeWYSIWYG work for phpNuke 7.8?

Description can not handle punctuation.

Problems getting Sitemap

XML Sitemap not Generating

xml parsing error: not well-formed Location:

mSearch is too good to forget

nukeWYSIWYG and FCK Editor 2.3?

Please help me to add Gallery module to sitemap!

Journal not listed in sitemap

Google tells sitemap does not comply with XML standard

Error message?

Mouse boxover and header

trying to add to Platinum 76b4v2

Skipping certain articles

Google Policies

Disabling BoxOver for non-script browers

Can nukeSEO include html files in the sitemap ?

Sitemap blowing up

BoxOver edits..

What after installing NukeSEO & submitting the stiemap?

will nukeSEO will work with phpnuke platinum?

mSearch problem

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: kses_no_null() in..

Installation problem : No SEO Configuration+Missing meta.php

NSN News 2.00 rc2 and FCK

limit in lenght

Appeal for beta testers.

how do you configure image upload folder?

All my pages went blank..HELP!!!

SEO Modules for phpnuke

sentinel bug?

Nuke Royal Digital_Goods Sitemapped

Required code missing in Analyze META Tags section.

Here's How To Increase Traffic For Your Business Sites!

Submit news in nukeseo

Perfect, I love it

I need help with my Site SEO

WYSIWYG in phpnuke PHPBB forum

Dynamic Meta tags

News Preview anomaly


Help with 7.6

Problem with Relative Download URLs

"You don't have permission to access..." error

attributes stripped

8 magical SEO techniques!|submityourarticlesnow!|

XML error

nukeseo Sitemap googletapped ?

Several problems with installing in PHPNuke 7.6pl3.1

How to add more modules

Write to file

Thought I'd say hello

Problem with install nukeWYSIWYG (tm) 1.0

Installation help in other modules

Messages block scrolls and forces right blocks down

Problem whith sitemap, it's empty...

Sitemap (Module) - NSNGD Downloads No Title

Sitemap (Module) Links - Unnecessary Vars?

GTNG vs. Not for Sitemap



Browser Back Button Can Wipe Out Editor Contents

Columns and Rows Settings Ignored?

Problem after instilation!

Install problem

Page numbers for NEWS

nukeSEO with RN7.6_202

Site Map (Yet Again)

Sitemap Size - Large Number Links

NSN GR DL Content - Config Issue

Adding wysiwyg for My_eGallery comment

Site Map really submitted?

post install issue w/ Keyword edit

Metafile Not saved

SEO Friendly URL's for MyHeadlines Module

Installation Problems

Initial Configuration

Site Map

nukeSEO enhancement ideas

Images added

Date problem resolved

nukeSEO Beta is released - please provide feedback

What else can you do to optimize your PHP-Nuke site?

Fantastic Addon - When will it be available :-)


Analysis of options for improving nukeSPAM and RNYA

Simple RNYA tweak enables registration blocking of subdomains

AHBL shuts down public look up - change nukeSPAM(tm) config

Coming soon: nukeERROR (tm)

Analysis of Blocked Registrations Identifies nukeSPAM(tm) Improvements

HeatShot Domain (coRpSE) releases Nuke HoneyPot for RavenNuke V2

Site Guardian released

nukeWYSIWYG for RavenCMS by Palbin prototype

Raven's Recommended Forum Mods for RN

Introducing RN Gallery from Neralex and SOE Media

nextgen's Next Theme: alteredClean now available

Great new RavenNuke(tm) themes available at

Mobile device detection options

Concept: tabbed admin and site preferences releases nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 3.6.3 with CKEditor integration by Palbin

Coming soon: nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 3.6.3 for RavenNuke(tm) 2.5 w/ CKeditor by Palbin

nukeSPAM(tm) 1.0.1 now available with fixes and minor enhancements introduces nukeSPAM(tm) to block spammer registration

More nukeSPAM (tm) teasers: Whitelist Maintenance

nukeSPAM(tm) Prototype Blocked Spammer Log

nukeSPAM (tm) Configuration Preview

Coming soon: nukeSPAM(tm) stops spammers from registering

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.3.0 Released!

Battlefield 3 Theme Released

Latest Themes Released

Mozilla and P2PU offer free HTML 5, CSS, JS courses and more

TegoNuke(tm) Mailer 1.1.0

CA Testimonials Module Released

PHPNuke-Extreme Now Open

Advanced Admin Stats featuring jQuery UI

PHPBB Remodified needs Beta Testers

GamerCards Module Released

Call of Duty Black Ops Theme Released

Meebo Bar in use on

Medal of Honor Theme Released

TegoNuke[tm] Twitter Block 0.1.0 [Beta] Released

Introducing nukeFBO(tm) - FaceBook Optimization [early April Fools]

Bioshock 2 Theme Released

osc2nuke V3 Pre-Release

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Theme Released

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) and CKEditor 3.0

Project Nuke Optimized

Chrome Topic Icons Released

Free Themes Friday : Business 5 Free Phpnuke Theme

Free Themes Friday : Business 3 Free RavenNuke Theme

Aion Eternity Theme Released

Free Themes Friday : Army Gamer Raven Nuke Theme releases RavenNuke 2.40.00 final

Releasing Some Scripts

Free Team Fortress 2 Theme

Matt Cutts: W3C Compliance does not affect page ranking

Twitter Button Module Released

Aion Theme Release X2

i-frame generator module

NukeAjax (and more) Updated!

Tricked Out News 2.4 released releases RavenNuke(tm) 2.4.0 RC 1

nukeBLING courtesy of nukeNAV(tm)

Optimized Project Files Released

Modern Warfare 2 Theme Released

Simply Blue Free RaveNuke Theme

Optimized Project News

3 Free Gaming Themes Now Available

What is nukeSEO(tm) DH and how does it work?

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) Syntax Highligher 2.1.0

nukeSEO(tm) Dynamic HEAD preview

New Website Launched!

GameTrailers XML/RSS Center Block

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) - security update

Introducing nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.6.4

Coming soon: nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.6.4

nukeNAV(tm) preview 2: modal dialogs for login and search functions

New release 'PHPNuke Donkeys76 v2.0.0' now with phpBB3.0.4 integrated!

nukeSMO(tm) - Social Media Optimization for PHP-Nuke

Free Downloads added at Tricked Out News

Forum phbb3 (v3.0.4) in PHPNuke in 10 minutes

RavenNuke(tm) Installation Tutorial

New downloads added

Web Traffic Comparisons: Alexa vs. Compete vs. Google Trends vs. quantcast

Prototype of nukeNAV(tm) site menu and modules block replacement

Introducing nukeINFO(tm) - securely display PHPinfo in PHP-Nuke, RavenNuke

Speed up your site by optimizing your external JS and CSS

nukeSEO Dynamic HEAD Tags prototype

RavenNuke(tm) Logo Design Contest - Winner receives 6 months FREE hosting!

nukeSEO Dynamic HEAD Tags (title, DESCRPTION, KEYWORDS)

New Themes Database

Nuke Debugger

Introducing nukeWYSIWYG 2.6.3 featuring FCKeditor

RavenPHPScripts announces availability of RavenNuke(tm) v2.3.0

RavenNuke™ Installation Tutorial

RavenNuke(tm) 2.3.0 to include nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.6.3

RNYA - Advanced User Management Update

Lobo Links Free Submissions for Phpnuke Sites


Improved user management on the way

IT News Ticker's BBToNuke Mods Archive

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.6 is on the way

Update: nukePIE 1.1.1

TegoNuke(tm) Approve Membership Lite 1.1.0

SimplePie 1.1 released

Introducing nukePIE(tm)

Swap images in phpNuke

nukePIE(tm) ready for Beta testing

Upgrading nukeWYSIWYG?

Croatian language files for PHP-Nuke

Get your PhpNuke site listed for free!


Use WiLive with nukeSEO Social Bookmarking

SimpleCart v.1.0 Now Available for Public Download!

nukeFEED 1.1.0 released with improvements and fixes

Index Module

Introducing nukeFEED(tm)

Support Nuke Evolution as Most Promising CMS

nukeFEED alpha testing in progress

nukeFEED(tm) update

New FREE features at Code Authors

Nominate RavenNuke for Best CMS today

Creating feeds in nukeFEED

Announcing 7 New Themes by

Upcoming syndication tools for PHP-Nuke and RavenNuke

FCKeditor ADS File Upload Vulnerability - Windows Only

What's a feed, and why do I care?

nukeFEED(tm) Preview

Gallery for Nuke-Evolution Available for Public Download

Reasons not to use keywords in your URLs

Beware the wrath of Google

DaDaNuke Releases Legal Module 1.1

BBtoNuke MODS Improved and Updated for PHP-Nuke 8.x!

RavenNuke 2.1.0 release

DaDaNuke Releases PHP-Nuke Basic

All NEW GameHost for PHP-Nuke Unleashed!

Suggstions and Feedback to change

Even More Themes Updated for PHP-Nuke 7.9 through 8.0! is FOR SALE!

DaDaNuke Releases PHP-Nuke Basic!

Arcade v 3.0.2b ported for PHP-Nuke 8.0!

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.3.2 released

New module Compudictio

Coming soon: nukeWYSIWYG 2.3.2 || Great Recipes and Your Recipe Requests!

More Themes Ported for Version 7.9, 8.0 BBtoNuke Optimized!

SimpleCart for Nuke-Evolution Available for Public Download!

Code Authors Releases its Comments Module

DaDaNuke Releases PHP-Nuke FINAL

Headlines Administration 0.81 BETA Released

TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks 1.0 Released

nukeSEO Social Bookmarking blocks

Themes Ported for Version 7.9 (BBtoNuke 2.0.21)

Coming soon: Updates & more

nukeSEO Persian language pack by Izone

Spam Stopper module released

nukeSEO Social Bookmarking for PHPNuke

nukeSEO Indonesian Language from

Legal Module 1.0 Now Available for Public Download

Google Sitemaps Wants Your URLs

nukeSEO Mouse Hover Topic BoxOver forums mod creates nukeSEO Italian language pack

FCKeditor ''Type'' Parameter File Upload Vulnerability

Looking forward to nukeWYSIWYG with FCKeditor 2.3

DaDaBooks 2.6 Released!

PHP-Nuke 7.9 With TinyMCE 2.0.4 Released

Bad Referer Database

French language support for nukeSEO

HTML Newsletter 1.3 Released

nukeWYSIWYG (tm) released

nukeWYSIWYG (tm) update

nukeSEO (tm) Beta 1 is released

Fact, fiction, statistics and SEO

nukeSEO update

nukeWYSIWYG is coming soon!

Dynamic Google Sitemaps?

New nukeSEO Google Sitemap approach creates regular site maps, too

nukeSEO release delayed

nukeSEO Beta to be released November 18

nukeSEO tm is coming soon


nukeWYSIWYG(tm) upgrade from 3.6.3

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) for RavenNuke(tm) 2.5

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 3.6.3 for RavenNuke(tm) 2.5

nukeSPAM 1.0.1

nukeSPAM 1.0 (old version)

PHP Nuke BB Code Box

nukeSEO DH class for NSN Group Downloads

ColorBox light box plugin for nukeWYSIWYG

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) upgrade from 2.6.4

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.6.4

nukeWYSIWYG(tm) 2.6.4 upgrade

nukeINFO(tm) 1.0

nukeWYSIWYG 2.6.3

BBtoNuke Advanced Username Color 1.0.5

NukeJobs v0.1

nukePIE 1.1.1


nukeFEED 1.1.1 (fix)

nukeSEO Catalan & Spanish language packs

nukePIE 1.0

Index Module

NukeSEO_Social Bookmarking with WiLive

nukeFEED 1.1.0 upgrade

nukeFEED 1.1.0


nukeFEED 1.0.0

NukeStyles Enhanced Downloads 2.1 nukeWYSIWYG changes

nukeWYSIWYG 2.3.2

nukeWYSIWYG mods for NSN News 2.0 RC2 7.0-7.9

nukeSEO Social Bookmarking Blocks

nukeSEO Indonesian language pack

nukeSEO Persian language pack

nukeSEO Social Bookmarking for PHPNuke

Gallery for nukeSEO sitemap

Web Links content object for nukeSEO sitemap

nukeSEO Mouse Hover Topic Boxover forums mod

Google Ads Header and Footer


nukeSEO Italian language pack


nukeSEO French language pack

NSN Group Downloads for nukeSEO sitemap


Encyclopedia hack for PHP-Nuke 7.5+


What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

What is robots.txt?

How does robots.txt differ from the ROBOTS META tag?

Do all robots follow the rules for robots.txt?

Are META keywords important?

What is keyword relevancy?

What is keyword density?

What is competitive analysis by keyword?

Why are META tags important?

Should I submit my site to every search engine?

What is a Google Sitemap / sitemap.xml?

What is SERP?

What is search engine saturation?

What is link popularity?

What are ethical methods of SEO?

What factors affect search engine rankings?

What is nukeSEO?

Are dynamic titles important?

Can nukeFEED(tm) display feeds from other sites?

Isn't backend.php good enough?

What is auto-discovery?

I have feeds defined, but my browser doesn't auto-discover them. Why?

Why can't I toggle the display of subscription links, display popup help in the admin section, use linked selections / save a new feed, use the color selector?

Why should I use Feedburner?

Why do all of the drop downs (select tags) disappear when help is displayed?

Why does the color picker show on top of popup help?

Can I use nukeFEED with TegoNuke(tm) ShortLinks?

Can I change the list of aggregators / subscription links?

What is a feed map?

What is OPML?

Why isn't the FeedCount chicklet being displayed?

Why isn't the Feed Circulation Graphic being displayed correctly?

What is nukePIE?

How do you use nukePIE?

Why must the cache directory be writeable?

Why is nukePIE better than the standard PHP-Nuke block RSS reader?

Why does my database log show Table nuke_tuto_infos doesn't exist messages?

Why did a feed stop working or breaks my sites validation?







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