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Other professional PHP-Nuke enhancements, addons and tweaks are in the works.  See nukePIE demo - using URL Trends RSS 2.0 feed below the menu on the left

Coming soon: How to SEO PHPNuke, a guide and checklist for PHP-Nuke search engine optimization

Featured Downloads

nukePIE - RSS and ATOM reader for PHPNuke nukePIE ™ is a replacement for the standard Nuke block feed reader and provides PHP-Nuke with the ability to:
  • Display RSS 2.0, ATOM 1.0, or any properly-formed feed in Nuke blocks
  • Display feed item descriptions as either full-HTML tool tips or as title tags for the link

SimplePie for PHPNukenukePIE™ performs the opposite function of nukeFEED™: nukeFEED™ generates feeds from PHP-Nuke content, and nukePIE™ consumes (or reads) feeds from any source. nukePIE™ uses the SimplePie class and BoxOver script.
nukeFEED nukeFEED ™ provides PHP-Nuke with the ability to:
  • syndicate most types of content and easily add additional content types
  • use modern syndication formats like ATOM and RSS 2.0
  • significantly improve standards compliance (verses the 10 most recent news stories via the standard PHP-Nuke RSS 0.91 backend.php feed)
  • display a feed map in both HTML and OMPL formats
  • support auto-discovery of published (active) feeds
  • define syndication feeds with more detailed attributes, including multiple sort orders (e.g. recent, popular, highest rated) at multiple levels (module, category, forum, etc.) and for a specified number of items
  • maintain a list of feed aggregators and provide subscription links to these aggregators or any feed reader
  • integrate with FeedBurner to cache feeds, track and report usage statistics, monetize feeds through advertising and more
  • preview feeds to help visitors determine to which feeds they want to subscribe
nukeSEOnukeSEO ™ includes several advanced tools and services designed to improve the search engine placement of PHP-Nuke sites and to make PHPNuke SEO friendly.   This PHP-Nuke addon provides a methodical approach similar to offline commercial tools like WebCEO (for free, of course!) and includes these functions:
  • Review and validate your robots.txt file
  • Research keywords, including keyword relevancy, keyword density, "suggest keywords" / similar keywords function via Wordtracker and Overture,  and competitive analysis by keyword
  • Maintain your meta tags
  • Generate and submit Google sitemaps (sitemap.xml)
  • Submit your site to major search engines
  • Monitor results, including keyword ranking / position (SERP), search engine saturation, link popularity, and (tentatively) Alexa traffic ranking 
nukseSEO administration screenshot
nukeWYSIWYG nukeWYSIWYG™ provides a flexible, integrated "what- you- see- is- what- you- get" HTML editor for PHP-Nuke without sacrificing security. nukeWYSIWYG uses FCKeditor 2.3.2 and the kses HTML filtering class to check HTML. Integrated into RavenNuke™, nukeWYSIWYG™ is a powerful visual HTML editor for PHP-Nuke with many features, including:

  • WYSIWYG HTML editing with support for common browsers, including IE, Firefox, and Netscape
  • on/off switch at the site or module level
  • support for standard "display-as-you-go" or template-based ("build, then display") approaches
  • automatic disable when accessed by crawlers to save bandwidth
  • multiple toolbar configurations to address functionality, performance, and security
  • dynamic configuration of the editor size via the rows parameter
  • dynamic detection of subdomain and subfolder implementations (modification of FCKeditor)
nukeSEO Social Bookmarking nukeSEO Social Bookmarking provides a flexible way to bookmark news on popular social bookmarking sites like Digg,, furl, reddit, tecnorati, Yahoo MyWeb, and many more. Social bookmarks help improve search engine rankings and increase traffic. nukeSEO SB was designed to enable social bookmarking links in graphic or text formats for any content type.

Specific instructions and examples are included for:
  • PHPNuke / RavenNuke News
  • NSN News 1.x
  • NSN News 2.x
Also includes nukeSEO Social Bookmarking blocks.
nukeSEO Mouse Hover Topic Boxover The nukeSEO Mouse Hover over Topic BoxOver popup forums mod provides BoxOver popups in the viewforum and search pages of the Forums module.

BoxOver's use of the title tag enhances search engine optimization in addition to improving usability in the forums by displaying the last message in the topic. This enables visitors to see the discussion before navigating to the topic.

NOTE: Includes BoxOver 2.1 from

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 HeatShot Domain (coRpSE) releases Nuke HoneyPot for RavenNuke V2 1699 reads 

coRpSE of HeadShot Domain released Version 2 of his spammer registration blocking addon for Evo Xtreme and RavenNuke, which includes several important enhancements and new features, in addition to powerful functions from version 1:

  • Nuke Wait Script - checks response time for automated submissions to block automated registrations
  • Hidden Form Field - checks for values in a fake hidden form field to block automated registrations
  • ( IMPROVED ) Text Removal - displays a field pre-filled with instructions to "Delete All Of This Text!" to block automated registrations
  • ( NEW ) Q&A Check - Asks the user to answer a question to block automated registrations
  • ( NEW ) IP Blacklist Check - checks the user's IP address against the spammer database to block spammer registrations
  • ( NEW ) Email Blacklist Check - checks the user's email against the spammer database to block spammer registrations

Nuke HoneyPot for RavenNuke V2 was optimized for HTML and CSS compliance by neralex and for code style by hicux, demonstrating the benefits of collaborative open source development.

coRpSE also created a YouTube video and a graphic that explain how the tool can be configured and the process for blocking registrations with very little inconvenience to non-spamming new users.  Read more to see this helpful information.

Download Nuke HoneyPot for RavenNuke V2 here.  Free registration is required.

. Sunday, May 18, 2014 @ 13:16:01 EDT
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 Site Guardian released 2115 reads 

Script Shack releases Site Guardian, their first FREE module in 2014 for RavenNuke(tm)

It became apparent during 2013 that some websites (particularly those on shared hosting accounts) became casualties of some nefarious activities when vulnerable software on the same server became targets. As a result, some website owners became victims through no fault of their own, and this inspired Script Shack to create Site Guardian.


. Monday, January 13, 2014 @ 21:48:53 EST
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 nukeWYSIWYG for RavenCMS by Palbin prototype 2476 reads 

nukeWYSIWYG for RavenCMS by Palbin featuring CKEditor 4.2.1 with plugins Here are some prototype screens of nukeWYSIWYG™ for RavenCMS™ by Palbin featuring CKEditor™ 4.2.1 and loads of plugins.

NOTE: These are prototype functions which may or may not be included in the released product.

Click the image to view screenshots highlighting the modifications, and read more for additional details.

. Monday, October 14, 2013 @ 00:01:03 EDT
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 Raven's Recommended Forum Mods for RN 2539 reads 

We're excited to be working on some developments to enable the conversion of to RavenCMS.  Although RavenCMS already has Quick Reply and Palbin's Pseudo Subforums, RavenPHPScripts uses other mods that might not be applicable to all sites.

Click the image to view screenshots highlighting the modifications, and read more for additional details.

Stay tuned for updates... (updated December 26, 2013)

. Sunday, July 21, 2013 @ 01:08:57 EDT
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 Introducing RN Gallery from Neralex and SOE Media 3397 reads 

soe media's RN GalleryNeralex and SOE Media released RN Gallery, a flexible and dynamic image management module exclusively for RavenCMS.  The goal for RN Gallery is to enable modern, user-friendly, secure image management with user upload capabilities in the tradition of previous CMS image galleries like Coppermine, NukedGallery, 4nAlbum, and 4images (ported).

RN Gallery features:

  • Built-in zoom capabilities (courtesy jQuery: Zoom by Jack Moore)
  • Album-thumbnail slider (courtesy jQuery: bxSlider by Steven Wanderski)
  • Image tool tips (courtesy jQuery: EZPZ Tooltip by Mike Enriquez)
  • Single user file uploads
  • Batch inserts
  • User albums
  • Image rating system
  • Disqus comment integration
  • Category management
  • Combined user/admin functions
  • Folder management (creating/cleaning)
  • Ability to transfer images between users
  • Ability to transfer albums between users
  • Image re-sizing for all stored thumbnails
  • CSS-driven markup for modern browsers
  • Module-specific CSS file for use in each theme
  • nukeSEO DH support
  • Much more...

RN Gallery can be downloaded here. Note: free membership is required to download.


. Sunday, April 28, 2013 @ 18:44:01 EDT
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